Little Witches of The Enchanted Forest

I’ve been working on making a bunch of Little Felted Witches, and I have to say, they are super cute! Each one has her own personality, and so far, I am going to keep on making more!  I have 9 different “Color Witches” and a Samhain Witch finished. I am working on a couple of broom riding Kitchen Witches and a Yule Witch. Each take several hours to make, but thinking ahead, maybe I’ll try to make “Sabbat Witches” and a Little Maiden Mother and Crone trio. All will be in the etsy shop for as long as it keeps amusing me to make them!

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Tarot had apparently been browsing ETSY and decided she needed a felt cat cave, and since we live in the Enchanted Land of Felt, my daughter Paige and I decided to make her one!

Here’s how we made the felt cat cave



I purchased the roving from etsy, the fabric, resist and bamboo mats from Living Felt.

We decided we wanted to make a large, stone shaped cave, so we cut the resist into a circle about 28″ across. We did this outside on the deck, because we knew there would be a lot of water, I can’t imagine trying to do this indoors.

we layed the resist on a plastic table cloth and placed white core roving in small sections    ( about 2 inches) all facing the same direction until it was covered entirely,

with about a 1 inch overhang

.white roving      layers

We then placed a second layer going in the opposite direction. We placed the fabric over the whole thing, and gently poured very hot water onto it, until it was saturated. We then added a bit of soap and rubbed the entire thing, being careful not to displace the fibers. Then we removed the fabric and folded the “overhang” underneath, and flipped the whole thing over. We repeated the entire process on this side.Gray Roving

We then flipped it over and did the whole process again, with the gray roving, flipped it again, and did it again. We placed the bamboo and bubble wrap atop the whole thing and rolled it up, kind of like a jelly roll, we rocked it back and fourth for several minutes,  flipped it over and repeated this process several times. 20160326_165600

At this point we could tell the the roving had felted into solid fabric, so I gathered the entire thing and put it into the bathroom sink, where i rinsed and agitated it in hot water.20160326_170725

I took it back outside, determined where I wanted the opening, and cut a small oval, and took out the resist. I then cut the  opening larger and filled the whole thing with dry towels and left it out in the sun to dry. drying cat cave

After it dried completely, I removed the towels, and it was done! We Had a felt cat cave!

Tarot loved it and hopped in immediately,( Ace the ferret likes it too!)  although she usually jumps on top of it, squashing it flat, and lays on it like that!

20160327_142436 Felt Cat Cave Tarot in her Felt Cat Cave Tarot ON her felt cat cave

Things I learned for next time!!!

It takes several hours, and there was 2 of us working on it.

The water should be as hot as you can stand it, gloves might have helped.

We used 2 pounds of roving, it would have been better ( and sturdier) if we had used more, maybe another layer on each side.

Using white core wool as a center layer is cheaper, but you can see some peeking through where the layers shifted, this can be remedied by using more roving, or using all one color.

do you have any comments or questions about how we made our felt cat cave?

comment below

I think I may try to make a few tiny caves, more like pods, for little things like cotton balls or whatever, i’ll post pics if I do! Until then, I am, as ever, closer to the edge….


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Craft Shows Mania, selling needle felted animals in person

Craft shows!! Ye gads!

I haven’t posted all summer!! I’m not going to bother with a summer update, same ole stuufffff…..

what have I been doing, well… I signed up for 2 craft shows!! I have never sold at a craft show before, so I am becoming overwhelmed.

My biggest concern is having enough inventory to look nice, and then of course I am over thinking booth decor, displays, ect. I have been looking at Pinterest a lot, getting some ideas and jotting things down, I have even bought a few things ( dowls and leaves)

I’ll update with craft tent updates as I make them, but now I have to go attach some felted critters to hats!!

Until then, I am Closer to the Edge…..

needle felted animals at craft shows

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My Muse isnt focused.Craft shows,dragons, polymer clay,embroidery+paint

Craft shows, knitted dragons, polymer clay journals, owl embroidered pouches, procrastination, door painting….

This week my Muse is, well, unfocused.

I listed 2 little herb mice on etsy, and people really seemed to like them

(not buy them, but still….it’s nice that they were liked)….  now I have finished several more of them, but I just can’t seem to get them listed! I have several other non mice items ready to be listed as well, and yet….I don’t get around to listing them!

So, what have I been doing? Well I embroidered a little owl pouch for my daughter (which I didn’t photograph), and I brought out the knitted / crocheted dragon once again….his wings were too small and had to be removed and I am making them larger…..this is because I am thinking of signing up for a craft show ( it would be the first one) that is in October, and I think he could be cool looking as a sign holder……a very large sign holder.

I somehow came upon a youtube video of a polymer clay journal cover, which looked awesome and now I cant stop thinking that I have to make one, even though i have no need for a journal cover and could better spend my time listing finished products on esty…..maybe I could make a plaque or top of a box….I can’t decide……

This this morning, while looking for some display ideas ( yes for the October craft show) I see that someone liked a tree shelf pin on pinterest, which then led me to look at a pin of someones cool tree shaped front door, which made me think, “hmmm,  wouldn’t it be cool to paint a tree on my bedroom doors?” ( sort of Lord of the Rings style ) I don’t think my husband would be thrilled about it, but still….maybe……I can’t decide…i’m unfocused…..

updates soon…until then, I am Closer to the Edge.

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Frankincense and Penguins

Well, I finally added new items to my etsy shop, and more will folllow later this week! I added 6 little fuzzy penguins….


needle felted penguins

peng3b peng2d


I also added the first 2 items to my newest line in the shop which are Herb Mice! …..tiny mice with hand sewn and knitted outfits each carrying a wee pouch of an aromatic herb or resin.

The first two in the shop are one with frankincense, and with lavender.

These little guys take quite a bit longer to make with their tiny outfits and bags, but they are super cute.

lavender mouse

needle felted mouse

IMG_3734 IMG_3735

mouse with frankincense

needle felted mouse with frankincense

IMG_3743 IMG_3744 IMG_3746 IMG_3747


in other news, little Luft was seemingly wanting a friend, so we have a new little bird family member Wick. They are chirping right along in thier new cage and Luft is happy to have a new buddy!!

These photos are not great, I will take more when they are more settled…..


Luft and Wick


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New Look!

So today I changed my theme and banner and a few other things…simplified things, got rid of the slides and woobly buttons…..and I think I like it!!

In other news….

I have been busy felting ( and sewing for the new Enchanted land of Felt banner!) I will be photographing items to put up on Etsy soon! Some of the new lines I have been working on are:

Penguins, sassy mini birds

needle felted penguins

Elemental Critters, Earth Air Fire and Water cute creatures with corresponding necklaces and stones….

felted elementals

Herb Mice….Little Gypsy Mice with Tiny herbal bags, adorable and aromatic!

needle felted mice 1needle felted mouse 1

and Baby Mythological Creatures….so far I a working on Baby griffin, Baby Phoenix, Baby Dragon and Baby Chimera (which may not be what etsy folks are searching for, but my Muse really doesn’t care about that, and I do not argue with my Muse!!!

needle felting griffin


well, that’s all for today,….until next time, I am….as ever…. Closer to the Edge………

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Enchanted Land of Felt

Hi!! Welcome to The Enchanted Land of Felt…this is my new site ( formerly Elven Artist’s Forest)

Please bear with me as it may take me some time to get all the pages up and running!!!


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