Needle felting, knitting and me……
Artist by day, ( I am an artist in a retail store) crafter by night. My journey to the Enchanted Land of Felt began when my daughter decided to be Hermoine for Halloween! Having been taught to crochet as a child, I turned to Youtube to learn how to knit a Gryffindor scarf.  A few years later, and I’m not sure why, I began to knit in earnest. I filled drawers with scarves. I knit a GIANT sweater. I attended fiber fairs! I dragged my husband to L.Y.S. (local yarn shops) on vacation! Finally all this fiber led me to want to learn to use a drop spindle.and that is what led to grabbing that extremely sharp needle and off I went! Now I am needle felting nearly every day. ( I still knit…and just started a crochet dragon)
All my creations are unique and one of a kind.  Made without any pattern or plan, each has their own personality. Some of my little creatures even end up in short stop motion videos on my youtube page!

About The Enchanted Land of Felt Shop

There you can get your own adorable and unique needle felted miniature animals.

Hats and scarves with felt animals also available.

needle felted miniature animals

All items in my shop are hand made by me,using either wool or alpaca.

many have wire frames, bead eyes, and tiny knit clothes.

Waldorf inspired animals are made with 100% wool.

Each is made with no plan or pattern, so each is unique!

I make woodland creatures, such as mice, deer and squirrels.

I have also made quite a few red pandas, bears and sloths.

Have an animal suggestion??

please leave it in the comments!

I am always looking for new ideas!

All of my needle felted animals are made in a smoke free environment.

A note about felt and needle felting:
wool fibers are barbed. Felt can be made when a sharp barbed needle is used to tangle the fibers of wool or alpaca into various shapes.

it is not a quick process, but results in a solid form, with no “stuffing”.

Felt can also be made from knitted or crocheted wool that is washed in hot water and agitated.

This form of felt is great for making hat, totes and purses.
You can find more info about me and my various endeavors by visiting my, youtube, pinterest,facebook, deviant art and

instagram! That is where I post pics of my other crafts, signs, and photos of Butters,(chihuahua) Luft & Wick(parakeets), and Tarot (Cat)….and needle felting!


Needle felted animals-needle felting


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